There are lots of great board game review blogs out there. But there’s so much more to the world of tabletop gaming than reviews; every game has an infinite number of stories to tell, from its inspiration and design to new ways to play to the effect it has on people’s lives. Those stories are what Curio is all about.

On this blog, you’ll find a variety of tales about the games you love. Tabletop gamers are a unique and fascinating group of people, and—if you’re anything like me—you want to spend as much time reading and talking about games as possible. That’s what this site is for: learning, thinking, and talking more about games.

I’ve been a board game enthusiast since I was young, and the resurgence of board games as a popular cultural item and pastime has given me a new opportunity to engage with other gamers as well as the hobby itself. I’m a long-time fan of CCGs, and spent thousands of hours, countless dollars, and every spare moment of my teen years playing Star Wars CCG. I played the Lord of the Rings, VS SystemYoung Jedi, Jedi Knights, Pokémon, and .hack card games throughout my tenure as a CCG addict, and now I’m pretty seriously hooked on Hearthstone.

On the board game side, I’m a big fan of highly interactive and thematic games, though I do play quite a few euros as well. My favorites at the time of this writing are Blood Rage, Lords of Waterdeep, Race for the Galaxy, and Carcassonne (but those tend to change on a weekly, if not daily, basis).

Professionally, I come from a background in journalism and editing, and I’ve accrued quite a bit of academic experience over the past decade or so. All of those have helped me develop pretty effective research skills—and where better to put them into action than on tabletop games?